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September’s issue will look at task-styles: how we naturally take action to get things done. As many of us gear up for a busy work season, it might be just-in-time insight and learning!


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Featured Book Review:
Thanks For The Feedback

It is the authors’ assertion that we not only need feedback, but that in our heart of hearts, we actually want it… given others have insights about us we can’t see… insights that help us become better leaders, better team-players, better family members, and better people. It is also their contention that most of us dread feedback because we don’t know how to handle it. It triggers us; we get defensive, and as a result, set up obstacles to hearing it.

For example:

  1. We listen for what’s wrong in the feedback so we can cast the whole of it aside.
  2. We don’t trust the giver. We don’t think they have our best interests at heart.
  3. The feedback threatens the ideas we have about ourselves. It hits a nerve; we feel ashamed or threatened.

As Stone and Heen dive into those core obstacles, we begin to understand why we react the way we do when someone starts providing feedback. Luckily for us, the authors are adept at showing us how to separate, deal with, and move away from reactions, so that we can assess what part of the feedback is useful—what part of it will help us learn and grow. Read more