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"Thanks for the Feedback". In August we review a new book from our friends at the Harvard Negotiation Project on how to receive feedback well. Deep, honest, funny, and helpful.


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Master or Minion? Technology Tyranny

Often in the history of technological innovation, the design of a machine determined its position in our lives: the car to the garage and roadways; the assembly-line to the factory; the telephone and answering machine to our wall or desk. Most of us probably haven't given this much thought, but it makes sense that the physical properties of the machine have a foundational impact on how - and where - we use it.

So it was that without really thinking through the possible ramifications, we embraced the wireless-computer-that-could-make-calls-and-fit-in-a-pocket machine. And unwittingly took it everywhere we went - including our bedside table and other not-to-be-named locations.

Mesmerized, we give it the attention we used to give to the world around us - to a family member, a neighbour, a colleague, or a friend. We interrupt conversations ("Just let me get this"); forget our own children ("You can't find Little Suzy?!); zone-out ("But Officer; I was just sending ....").

It's time we learned how to make technology work for us instead of the other way around. Techno-experts like Douglas Rushkoff, who initially extolled the virtues of digital technologies, are now saying... Read more